The Armorer has fascinated fans since her first appearance in The Mandalorian Season 1. Her stunning armor and mysterious persona have made her a focal point for fan theories about her true identity. One of the main theories is that The Armorer is The Clone Wars villain Rook Kast, second in command to Gar Saxon, and she served Darth Maul. With Bo-Katan now joining the Children of the Watch, the theory evolves, and it becomes more likely that the Armorer is about to be exposed by Bo-Katan.

Rook Kast was part of Death Watch, along with Bo-Katan, but unlike Bo, when Darth Maul took over the group, Rook stayed with them and continued to hold Mandalore under their thumb. Rook Kast was even part of the group that freed Maul from the custody of the Emperor. She led Maul’s commandos in his Shadow Collective and participated in some truly despicable acts. If she became The Armorer, then she would have certainly turned her life around, but that could all change if she is exposed for who she truly is.

Rook Kast and Bo-Katan have both been fighting the same battle for Mandalore for years. They both want to be in leadership and guide the direction of their people. During The Clone Wars, Kast did this by working with outwardly evil people like Maul. She wanted to gain as much power as possible for herself and not for the betterment of Mandalore. Bo-Katan actively fought against her to try to free Mandalore from the oppression of Maul and Kast’s commandos, but it ultimately ended even worse.

Bo-Katan finally let the Republic onto Mandalore. She sought the help of Ahsoka Tano and the Clones to free her people. She even fought Rook Kast during the Siege of Mandalore and helped to bring her to justice and was there when she surrendered to the Republic. Of course, this action gave the Republic a foothold on Mandalore, so it was easier to steamroll the planet into submission when Palpatine’s Empire came. After all that, it makes sense why Rook Kast may want to hide her identicalness. It also may cause trouble now that Bo has joined the Children of the Watch.

Bo-Katan Will Never Follow Rook Kast To Mandalore

Bo-Katan would be not only familiar with how Rook Kast talks but also with how she fights and moves. If she does reveal that the Armorer and Kast are the same person, there is no way that Bo-Katan will follow her or even stay with the Children. It seems like Bo-Katan is beginning her redemption by diving back into the Way of the Mandalore. Yet, if Kast is in charge, it may lead to Bo-Katan pushing her out and trying to instill Din Djarin, with the help of his Darksaber, as the new Armorer of the Children. Kast may also make the case that the good she has done for Mandalore as the Armorer has now far outweighed her sins as Rook Kast against Mandalore.

Rook Kast was a vile terrorist who brought pain and misery to all of Mandalore with her actions. Bo-Katan is a terrorist turned hero who has worked her whole life to try to protect and serve her people. If Rook Kast is the Armorer, then she may be trying to make up for past sins. Yet, if Bo-Katan discovers her identity, there may be no hiding from Bo-Katan and her vendetta against Death Watch and the Shadow Collective.

Source:, by Jamie Parker